Project Manager

The Project Manager is responsible for the overall on-site management of assigned projects. This includes coordination and reporting of day-to-day activities of field crews and trade partners using CoConstruct. Also ensuring material takeoffs, tracking materials received on site, and keeping a clean, safe, and orderly jobsite. Ensuring projects are completed on time, on budget, according to specifications and plans and always to Monsen Collins Builders quality standards. Ensure that all communication necessary to deliver on these goals are executed in a timely and professional manner. Reports directly to the Production Manager.

  1. Ensure grippage and profitability of all projects and report slippage issues immediately.
  2. Manage to-do lists of day-to-day tasks on site eg; job logs with photos, verifying timecards, approving and coding trade partners charges in, checking assigned To-Do’s in CoConstruct, ensuring job site safety for all and mastering your job budget codes and progress.
  3. Pre-plan to ensure the correct materials, tools, equipment, specs, and plans are on site and available for the upcoming work. Complete labor charts and update job schedules. accordingly.
  4. Responsible for tracking and organizing tools, materials and finishes on site.
  5. Responsible for OAC agenda with clients and weekly progress invoicing.
  6. Routine building inspections.
  7. Responsible for identifying the scope of work according to the contract and update changes accordingly using CoConstruct purchase order and change order SOP.
  8. Ensure work is completed to Monsen Collins Builders quality standards.
  9. Hold Weekly safety meetings using the Safety Meeting app provided by MCB.
  10. Be an effective communicator.
  11. Use CoConstruct daily.
  12. Utilize the company shared drive for SOP instructions on all tasks.
  13. Perform additional tasks as requested by the Production Manager.
  14. Prepare and submit your cost to complete totals on a bi-weekly basis.
  1. Coordinate day-to-day tasks on site.
    1. Line out coworkers and trade partners.
    2. Review how much time the tasks are expected to take.
    3. Notify the Production Manager if any issues are encountered that will prevent the day’s tasks from being completed.
    4. Look ahead at the upcoming tasks and notify the Production Manager of the resources needed.
    5. Ensure all tasks are being performed in a safe manner
  1. Ensure the correct materials, tools, equipment, specs, and plans are on site and available for the upcoming work.
    1. Using the Labor Chart, plan for the upcoming tasks and order resources accordingly.
    2. Notify the Production Manager at least 2 days before any additional subs and or labor resources are needed.
  1. Responsible for tracking and organizing tools, materials and finishes on site.
    1. Stored items to be labeled, organized, and accurately tracked.
    2. Use appropriate care with small or fragile items.
    3. Ensure timely return of all excess materials and track refunds with the accounting
  1. Responsible for routine interactions with clients and building inspections.
    1. Be courteous with all visitors and note their presence in CoCo daily job log.
    2. Notify Production Manager of any action items generated by the inspector, clients and designers.
    3. Discussions to change in scope to be noted in CoCo daily job log.
  1. Responsible for keeping the project on schedule.

Prior to project start, review the schedule and notify the Production Manager of any foreseeable issues that would alter the completion date.

  1. Review the schedule frequently, giving the Production Manager, trade partners and field crew as much notice as possible regarding upcoming work.
  2. Responsible for identifying changes in the scope of work.
    1. Fully understand the scope of work, plans and specifications.
    2. Immediately notify the Production Manager if any deviations are needed or requested.
    3. Communicate Requests for Information (RFIs) to the designer, architect, etc., as needed all via CoConstruct messages and review with Production Manager.
    4. If a Change Order is needed, identify labor, materials, subs, accurate profit percentage based on contract and deadlines involved. Complete a PCO and submit to your Production Manager for approval.
  1. Ensure work is completed up to Monsen Collins Builders quality standards.
    1. Fully understand MCB’s construction methods outlined in our SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures).
    2. Ensure site and finish protection is used and effective.
    3. Pass inspections the first time.
    4. Trade partner punch lists to be completed before approval of final payment.
  1. Be an effective communicator.
    1. Be able to take notes when necessary and find those notes when needed.
    2. Be organized, prepared and as clear as possible while communicating via text, phone, email, virtual and in-person meetings.
    3. Identify discrepancies in trade partner bills and resolve immediately.
  1. Use CoConstruct daily.
    1. Document the day’s activities in the Daily Log. Upload progress photos.
    2. Note visitors to the site and any special circumstances or happenings.
  1. Work well with others and behave in a professional manner.
    1. Conduct yourself in a mature, respectful, and cooperative manner towards all.
    2. Wear company attire when at work.
    3. Maintain an acceptable level of personal hygiene at all times.

Lead Carpenter

The Lead Carpenter is responsible for reading and understand plans and trade partner scopes of work. Having the ability to bring questions, discrepancies, and unusual conditions to the attention of the Project Manager. Understanding the scope of the work and discuss all requests for additional work with the Project Manager. You are responsible for reporting late subcontractors, discipline/safety problems, problems with schedules, and for keeping the Project Manager informed of job status.

  1. Perform punchwork carpentry at the highest level as required when needed.
  2. Supervise carpenters and subcontractors. Make work assignments, monitor quality control, and motivate crew. Must command the respect of the work crews!
  3. Ensure timely completion of the work to maintain schedule.
  4. Ensure jobsite safety, protection and maintenance of company tools, and enforce all jobsite rules. Hold safety meetings with carpenters once a week using our Safety Meeting app on company provided cell phones.
  5. Maintain regular client contact for duration of projects and assist with requests and communicate with Project Manager any change orders that are required.
  6. Stand Inspections for PM’s when necessary. Keep stamped plans and permit cards safe on job sites at all times.
  7. Give Project Manager updates of job status and help them manage the job.
  1. Must have a good working knowledge of related building trades.
  2. The ability to interact and communicate well with your crew, subcontractors, and the client.
  3. Teaching skills.
  4. Must be available for extended work hours as required if there is an emergency.
  5. Ability to perform physically demanding work on a consistent basis, including lifting 100 pounds if necessary.
  6. Driver’s license and good driving record required.

Pay: This is an exempt employee employment with a salary of $100,000 per year which includes 40 hours of PTO (please see accumulation calculations below) for your services, less deductions required by law, in accordance with our normal payroll practices. Currently, wages are paid weekly Wednesday thru Tuesday and directly deposited into your personal account each Friday.

Paid Time Off: You will receive 0.01961 hours of paid time off per every hour of work performed with annual paid vacation hours not to exceed 40 hours.

Paid Holidays: In addition to your PTO you will also be paid for 7 holidays: New Year’s, Memorial Day, Labor Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Health Insurance after 60 day probation period: Kaiser Silver health plan stipend of $350 per month towards your monthly premium.

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