About Us

Tom Collins

Tom has been a licensed General Contractor since 1989, and for a short time actually worked as a Project Manager for Construction Services and Cassady’s father Bob about 7 years ago. Tom’s carrier has been very far reaching from speculation custom homes, developing land into parcels, and building elite custom homes in the Truckee/ Tahoe area to building and running water treatment facilities in Colorado, Nevada and California. Most recently Tom Collins Construction has had a diversified mix of providing high end bathroom and kitchen additions/remodels, custom horse barns, a dressage equestrian center and a custom estate in Woodside California. Now Tom is very excited to build a boutique, super high-quality and successful general contracting company with Cassady.

Cassady Monsen

Construction, born and raised….. I’ve spent my whole life in residential construction. I like to think that when I was born, instead of a beanie, my mom put a hard hat on my head. My father was in construction, my father’s father was in construction and now I am in construction. Professionally, I’ve spent nearly 2o years in various roles, from Project Manager to General Contractor. I’ve learned the ins and outs of construction management and am always in aww of architects and their creativity, a gift I wish I had. Putting my experience to work, I’ve been busy estimating projects and helping organize that critical first part of the construction process, as well as forging new relationships with the top architects, interior designers and agents in the area.

So far, I’ve enjoyed my construction career and am still fascinated by the complexity of building systems and how a project goes from conception to completion, I can’t see myself doing anything else, well, other then moving to Paris and eating fresh croissants every day…but I can dream! My education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in American Studies from UC Santa Cruz, where I graduated with honors….I studied a lot! I like to think of myself as a can-do kind of guy. I play well with others, and try to keep a smile on my face and catchy tune in my heart. I’m a bit of a workaholic, because I am super passionate about what I do, and if you feel the same way connect with me, I’d love to hear from you! When not working,you can find me playing with the best dog in the world Nymeria my chihuahua, or cooking,(I’m a bit of a foodie), traveling, and cheering on our amazing local sports teams.

Faith Mackarness

VP of Finance

I officially started my construction career in 1996 but really, my father being a carpenter and my grandfather an architect, I caught the building bug at an early age. My first job in the industry was in Taos, New Mexico picking up nails for Woodall Brothers Construction. I loved it! The crew, the smell of lumber, the sound of the tile saw and the feeling of handing over a dream come true to the clients at the end. Over time I was invited into the office where I was taught drafting, estimating, how to process blueprints (when they were still blue), the intricacies of AIA contracts and construction finance.

I studied alternative construction methods and business finance at the University of New Mexico where I learned what adobe, rammed earth and straw bale houses are, among so many others. When I left New Mexico for my home state of California I knew I wanted to go deeper and learn all that I could. I studied and took every certification, green building and OSHA class that was available, finally testing and obtaining my B license in 2010. Since then I have worked in heavy civil, commercial tenant improvements and my favorite, high end residential custom home building.

I have lived in the Los Gatos area for 18 years where I raised my beautiful daughter who is currently in her third year of working towards her national interior design license. Four generations of builders and I could not be more proud or passionate about my chosen field. I am very grateful to be at the boutique firm of Monsen Collins Builders and continuing to learn all that I can about our ever-evolving industry.

Doug Bauman

Senior Project Manager

I started working construction at 20years old and from that very first day I knew this is what I was supposed to do! First as a carpenter, then working with big corporate builders, then the last 20 years as a Project Manager and Production Manager with smaller Custom Home Builders.

The last two years with Monsen Collins Builders have been the most exciting of all! Helping to build a Custom Home Company from the ground up and seeing all that hard work come to fruition has been extremely rewarding.

I still have that same passion and excitement that I found almost 40 years ago and still think I have the best job in the world! No 2 days are ever the same and still learning new techniques, systems, and new ways to get the job done keeps that passion going. Building homes for people to live in and raise families is such a rewarding profession that I can’t think of anything else I would want to do.

Monsen Collins Builders (Lic. # 1077882) has been building better lives. Our commitment to service extends beyond our highly skilled workforce, as we also collaborate with subcontractors and architectural design partners who share our same values.